Web Application Development

Whether it's your new SaaS application, a website, an e-commerce site, a dashboard or a control panel, Scalar Flow can bring your idea to life.

We use the latest stable technologies, methods and practices in order to not only guarantee a good version 1 of your software, but also the scalability, stability and extensibility of your software, making it future proof.

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Apps, Dashboards and Control Panels

Mobile App Development, Control panels, Dashboards, all implemented at pixel perfect accuracy.

At Scalar Flow, we will be working with you to understand the exact requirements your business has, and we’ll apply our expertise and knowledge to develop, design and implement the software solution you require.

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Integrations and more

Integrations with: payment vendors/merchants (Stripe, Braintree, etc), data collection, third party analytics and data analysis platforms, content management systems, CRMs, etc. We also are well versed in aggregating data, DevOps, normalization of multiple heterogeneous sources into one common repository, processing, any type of other third party integrations, scheduled processes, interfacing with hardware and more.

In short, if you have any software development project in mind, no matter the size, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you right from step zero, with your architecture, analysis, technical specification and generally defining the technical scope of your project.

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Business Analytics and Intelligence

Business Intelligence or Business analytics data. We all know and have heard about is. But implementation of it and ushering the era of full analytics to your organization is not an easy task.

At Scalar Flow, we can help you drastically improve your in-depth knowledge and understanding of your business, by providing you state of the art integration with your data, the appropriate connectors and midleware required and finally provide you with reliable reports and visualizations.

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