Meet the core Scalar Flow team

Stav Katsoulis
Founder and CEO, MSc Computer Science
Stav has over 25 years of experience in software development and many other IT related subjects. Today, he focuses heavily on the business side of producing release quality retail software from the ground up, all the way up to delivering commercial and business value. He is the former founder of Multidimedia Ltd UK, in which he programmed and produced the legendary Zinc line of products and more. Stav has extensive experience with small, medium and large scale projects, involving many tens of thousands of users and/or customers and large data volumes involving many technologies.
Ioannis Kouris
Head of software development , MSc, PhD Biomedical Engineering

Ioannis has significant experience and hands-on application of Software Development Life Cycle processes and practices expectations within strict project time, cost and performance constraints. He has a track record of success, developing and maintaining medium to large complex systems, including Back End processes, bug fixing and testing, and other more specific technologies such as Distributed Ledger Technologies, Fintech, Medical application, all while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness to meet business and client needs.

Sotiris Varotsis
UI/UX Architect

Sotiris has more than 25 years of experience in developing Web, Mobile and Game applications as well as technology integrations. Sotiris also has a unique insight and progressive thinking capabilities in all matters pertaining to technology. As a seasoned developer, he also is a great team lead who can coach, inspire and manage his teams, enabling them to provide the best possible, every time. He's also an avid musician, gamer and radio producer.

Kostas Makris
Lead Front End Developer

With his large extent of knowledge with many back end and front end technologies, Kostas is still keen in gaining more experience with cutting edge all tech involving new technologies, front end, UI/UX etc. He has worked for years on implementing various types of Applications, UIs and interfaces, always focusing on pixel level perfection and functional excellence.

Fotis Panetsos
Lead QA Engineer and Operations

Fotis has more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology and has provided insight and support on a multitude of both hardware and software implementations while working within a vast scope of platforms and technologies. Using best known practices and rigorous testing techniques to ensure that the quality and support of a product is always top notch. He's also skilled in Agile methodologies and Project Management. Outside work he's an aspiring music composer and game designer.

John Manganas
Project Management and Financials

John is a market veteran with extensive experience in project management, finance. At Scalar Flow, John is the day to day operations officer, making sure that all projects are progressing as they should, keeping all the threads together and getting things over the line.

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